Pelican Bay State Prison Advisory Board Update

By Donna Westfall – August 12, 2017 – Supervisor Roger Gitlin sits on the Prison Advisory Board. During their last meeting held Wednesday, August 9th at 3 pm, the following were discussed:

  1.  Current inmate count stands at 2,082.
  2. There used to be 700 officers and 3,623 inmates.  That was too many.  They had riots, double bunking.  They want the inmate population to stay between 2200-2300.
  3. They just hired 35 more officers with another 19 more coming.
  4. Men sentenced to life in prison now have lots of way to get time reduced on their life sentence.
  5. Many of the correctional officers stay about a year then transfer out.  Some transfers out are due to being away from family.
  6. There are currently 15 different programs teaching inmates skills so that they can get jobs when they leave prison.

3 Responses to Pelican Bay State Prison Advisory Board Update

  1. Dick Payne Reply

    August 16, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    we should just get bumper stickers that say “i told you so” and send them to the liberals. Or we should put them on our cars ourselves actually and just drive through their sin towns as their throats are slit by the slime they make excuses for. Liberals are so stupid. I TOLD YOU SO

  2. Nube Brown Reply

    August 13, 2017 at 10:07 am

    While some of this is good news, it concerns me that there is a ”quota” for inmate population. This is a direct link to mass incarceration and an incentive to create conditions and/or assert policies that criminalize people rather than help people BEFORE they get to prison.
    Secondly, I’m concerned that the hard-earned attainment of job skills will be met with many closed doors if communities, local businesses, etc. are not willing to hire ex-convicts. I’m concerned that we have not yet built a “welcome back” mindset that honors time served and a willingness to help people move on successfully once they walk beyond that cement wall.
    Thank you for your work being on the advisory board and publishing the update.

    • Linda Sutter Reply

      August 15, 2017 at 5:31 pm

      Nube Brown, you are exactly what the problem is with that liberalism form of mindset. Giving convicted felons a second chance. How sweet, not!!!!…These people are not in that institution for missing the proverbial sunday school. Good God…Child molesters will never be rehabilitated. They can’t it is a disease. I had one inmate tell me, “i hope i never get out of prison because I will molest again. Even if they cut off my penis, i would find other means. i can’t help it.”

      Oh and by the way since this ridiculous liberal mindset has taken over the entire state of California with the realignment of prison including what is a crime, the Correctional officers are enduring more riots, the prisons are almost out of control and the safety and security of people inside as well as outside are all suffering because these poor poor inmates are incarcerated.

      Rapists same thing, as child molesters. They hate women for whatever reason and will subject them to harm if let out. Drug addicts, Alcoholism, are time bombs using their addiction to go out and harm other people… how about murder? Oh that is a good one. I will never forget the case file i read on one of the inmates. The first time he went to prison for 13 years for killing a young man. when he was let on parole, he went back to the same family and killed the brother of the first victim he murdered. Guess he wasn’t rehabilitated..or maybe yet he was…because rehabilitation means restoring someone that has been damaged to its former condition…his former condition…MURDER.

      you want to spend a phenomenal amount of tax payer dollars to educate these parasites. Oh yeah, so go out and commit the most heinous of crimes, go to prison and get FREE EDUCATION. What is wrong with our society? Where we are now rewarding these criminals with not only a free cot, 3 meals a day, free dental, free medical and conjugal visits; but promoting the DEFY program so they can get educated and make more money than most people who do not go to prison. what is wrong with that picture?

      Handling troubled children with fragile gloves instead of spanking their little asses when trouble begins is the result of our “mass incarceration.” Which by the way is caused from extreme liberalism.

      If you want to trust an ex-con go for it….but when he slits your throat, I will start a GO FUND ME ACCOUNT to have placed on your tombstone, “I TOLD YOU SO.”

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