For Eileen Cooper and Joe Gillespie (And everybody else as well)

Eileen is from New York and chose to live in California. She also chose to spend her life time with caring people, activists and intellectuals instead of seeking refuge in religious institutions. She chose to help groups who help the environment, the birds and planet Earth instead of hiding behind a belief nor promoting a belief nor adding to the strain that society already experiences. Instead she consciously chose to dedicate her life to protecting wetlands, forests, old growth trees, lagoons and estuaries. She works tirelessly with a straw hat in burning heat and sunlight and with a raincoat in rain storms when everybody else is hiding in their warm homes. She even stayed up many nights to protect the lagoon from being drained. Eileen writes poetry and lyrics for lovely songs that touch my heart and mind.

What is the root cause for some rednecks to express such an ill will against her and bully her so viciously? Can we together explore as Jiddu Krishnamurti asked the communities to do? Can we explore together what makes someone or even a whole group of people harbor such tremendous hatred towards a person such as Eileen who is so lovely, hard working and caring for life on Earth?

What makes people hate Joe and his dedication to improving the community, teaching children to love the planet and going way out of his way to bring in solar power as an effort to steer away from fossil fuels that pollute us?

It was Eileen who reported to me about the dooming local Monsanto deal. It was Joe who acted immediately due to my urgent demand to stop the community from using pesticides for the removal of “invasive” species. It is these two people who deeply care and do not want to see mammals and birds to be poisoned. It is them who also care about all of us thinking ahead and planning and acting from responsibility for all life including the life and cells of the folks. Did you all know that testicular cancer has increased by over 400 percent since pesticides have been marketed and implemented on a vast scale since the 50’s? There is a direct positive correlation between the increase in pesticide use and the increase of testicular cancer as well as breast cancer and several other types of cancers.

Joe and Eileen care about us all that is why they do what they do. So why would anyone call them names, bully them, threaten them and even wish them death? What causes someone to feel such horrific animosity to this extend? Can we find out? Can we dare to ask deeper questions? Will you rednecks be willing to introspect? What is happening inside of you to generate such anger? What have Eileen and Joe done to you to deserve such a militant confrontation?

How is their work affecting you emotionally? What is it exactly that is so threatening to you? What are you afraid of? Is what they are doing going against your religion and belief system? Are you afraid that if you accepted them and their work that this acceptance would send you to hell? Believe me I have talked to fundamentalists for decades and I have heard it all.

Did you know that the corporate agenda uses religion since time immemorial to scare folks into things? Did you know that the clergy and dictators of the world have collaborated? Did you know that they systematically forced their threatening religions onto people and biased them against anyone who wanted to empower people and protect the Earth and the animals? Did you know that this is still happening? Why do your religious ministers drill it into you to hate solar power? When are we ready to ask those nitty gritty questions?

The corporate agenda themselves aren’t even religious but they Use the churches and ministers as their vehicles to brainwash people into turning against this person or that politician or this cause or that proposal. They play you like hand puppets with their hands deep into your skulls. Why do they want you to not ask questions? They want you to be their mental slaves. They want you to be authority obedient. They want you to cater to the corporations. They want you to cater to Exxon Mobile et al. Did you ever read Exodus in the bible? If you read that you might never have anything to do with that religion ever again. It’s the same as the Koran. Can we free ourselves from Exxon Mobile and Exodus? Can we free ourselves from that sneaky hidden mental oppression?

Can we all come together for the first time in history and see that each of us is made of the same materials, the same amino acids and minerals? Can we dare to acknowledge that we all want to live and love? Can we dare to look at ourselves into our mental mirrors? Can we see that the animals and humans are not separate from one another and that instead we need each other to survive? Can we see that all beings need love and protection? Can we see that Eileen and Joe are not separate nor different from you? That they, too have a life to live and love to give?

My name is Nicki and I Love Eileen and Joe very much and I am thanking them from the bottom of my heart for their work. Eileen has known our Great Dane Kenny and Kenny loves Eileen very much. He went to the Orion Nebula in December but his soul is everywhere and he wants to say to Eileen and Joe:

“I am here for you Eileen and Joe. I am protecting you wherever you go and whatever you decide to do with your lives. You are in charge of your health totally. Do the Vipassana Mediation course it is free of charge. Find out where the next course is conducted near your location. The chart is on the Vipassana website. Get yourselves a Shungite rock, put it into your water container and drink that water. Get a Tourmaline rock to clear your surroundings from negativity. Drink Diatomaceous Earth water every day and herbal teas. Stay away from anyone who is controlling, mean, bullying, hostile, bossy etc. Stay away from anyone who puts emotional pressure on you. I am here for you two and you don’t have to be afraid.”

Nicki Reddwood

Brookings, Oregon

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